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should you hire a wedding planner?: why we decided to + what's included

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

If you know me, you know that I am notorious for being the planner in my friend group. The type A, organized one who always plans everything. So when I got engaged, hiring a wedding planner didn't even cross my mind.

So why did we decide to hire a wedding planner?

I happen to be one of the last of my girlfriends to get married, so over the years I've been able to watch & learn from all of them as they've planned their own weddings. While each of my best friends has had different experiences, I've heard from so many people that planning a wedding can be a "full-time job". My cousin who just got married this past summer told me"hiring a wedding planner literally pays for itself".

About a month after we got engaged, our friends Monique + Bennett came over to our apartment and were telling us about their wedding planners + how amazing it's been working with them thus far! We immediately reconsidered and inquired with Captivating Timeless Events. The two best friends behind CTE, Jenny + Jenifer, have years of experience as wedding planners + decided to start their own company earlier this year! We jumped on the opportunity to work with them + so far it's been the best experience! The most shocking thing to us, however, was that we never really understood everything that goes into the planning process & what wedding planners take care of FOR you! The list below + instant

connection with the "Jens" is what made

us say "yes to less stress" ;)

  • Budget management.

  • Create Wedding & Vision Board.

  • Up to a team of 2 experienced coordinators.

  • Access to our preferred list of excellent vendors.

  • Hotel and transportation reservation (as needed).

  • Review of all Vendor Contracts.

  • Decor Design Set up.

  • Vendor communications.

  • Master Timeline of your wedding.

  • Multiple one-on-one video meetings leading up to the wedding.

  • Guestlist & To-do List management

  • Up to 25 hours of Pre-Wedding email communication with your coordinator.

  • Create and Manage the seating chart.

  • Digital reception layout/floor plan.

  • Coordination of rehearsal, ceremony, and reception.

  • Oversee the design, print, and mailing of invitations.

If you are recently engaged, or will be engaged in the near future, definitely consider inquiring with Captivating Timeless Events! You can find their information here.

If you have any questions about booking a wedding planner, send me a DM on Instagram!



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Captivating Timeless Events
Captivating Timeless Events
Oct 19, 2022

Thank you for allowing us to have the honor and privilege to walk with you throughout this wonderful journey.


Allie Bucon
Allie Bucon
Oct 19, 2022

So so proud of you Liz!!! This is awesome! ♥️

liz panella
liz panella
Oct 19, 2022
Replying to

Thanks so much Al!!!!!

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