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my favorite fashion pass outfits of 2023 (+ why I love being an FP member)

If you know me, you know I am OBSESSED with fashion pass. I have been a member with fashion pass since april 2022 + haven't looked back since! keep scrolling for an exclusive discount code for my community :*

reasons why I love fashion pass:

  • it's sustainable fashion + financially responsible

  • you have access to top, trending brands like: show me your mumu, amanda uprichard, for love and lemons, ASTR, + more!

  • the price: you can't beat $89 / month to get a minimum of 12 rental items each month

    • that's like the cost of 1 wedding guest dress, if that!

  • easy returns: I have to rave about this for a second...I basically get a new rental for every weekend, which is amazing. with their easy return policy, I drop my un-washed items off at a Walgreens FedEx station on Sundays (they dry clean everything when it arrives at their facility), & by Monday I can select my new items -- all arriving by the weekend! it works out PERFECTLY.

  • FP is great for any + ALL occasions: from all of your wedding season events like: bridal showers, bach parties, rehearsal dinners, wedding guest, to your day-to-day at work, weekend brunches, birthdays, & get-togethers, and even as casual as sweat sets for a low-key weekend!

  • you can pause your membership anytime: if you have a month or two where you might not need any fashion pass rentals, no worries! you can pause + resume at any time.

*use my code LIZ40 for $40 off your first month by clicking here

bridal showers:

holidays (easter):

wedding guest dresses:

weekend events:

DM me if you have any questions about fashion pass @ @lizwaslike




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