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freeze & float spa chicago: lymphatic drainage duo treatment

Last week, I visited Freeze & Float Spa in River North, Chicago & had the best experience! Freeze & Float offers a variety of wellness services such as infrared sauna, float therapy, cryotherapy, massages, cold plunge, IV therapy, vitamin shots, & more!

You'll be greeted in the spa waiting area upon arrival & head to the locker room where you'll lock up your belongings and change into a robe & sandals. The locker room area has everything you'll need from makeup wipes, contact solution, cleanser, hair products & more.

What does the lymphatic duo signature treatment consist of?

  • a 2-hour treatment that includes: an infrared sauna session + a sculpting massage

    • *Freeze & Float is the first + ONLY spa to offer this lymphatic duo service

  • To prepare your body for the lymphatic massage, a staff member will apply their proprietary magnesium cream + wrap you in one of their osmotic wraps

    • Their house magnesium scrub formula is mixed with other natural oils to enhance detoxification

    • An osmotic wrap is a black roll made with iodine and seaweed that helps to burn localized fat and also is a good way to reduce inches and obtain firmness in the skin

  • You will then start the infrared sauna session to help increase the body temperature and circulation in order to mobilize the toxins within the lymphatic system

  • To finish off, you'll receive their signature sculpting lymphatic massage which incorporates various lymphatic techniques like maderotherapy, (therapy with wooden instruments), and tools to help dissolve toxins while assisting in the breakdown of cellulite, reduction of swelling, and improving body tone

    • Maderotherapy originated in Columbia & uses various wood utensils of different shapes & sizes designed to adapt to different parts of the body (see photo below)

    • It is considered a holistic technique, able to stimulate and balance energy, reduce stress, and relieve muscular pains and joints

    • The use of this therapy has also spread for aesthetic purposes since it can also be used to firm and tone the body, and to reduce localized fat, and fight cellulite

What are the benefits of this lymphatic duo treatment?

- enhances circulation & stimulates the eradication of toxins in your body

- boost collagen production & skin elasticity

- reduces fluid retention

- reduces inflammation

- anti-edema, anti-fibrosing, & antispasmodic

- tissue detox

- balances energy

- breaks down cellulite

- reduces stress

- relieves muscular pains and joints

- improves metabolic exchanges

- especially great for postpartum or post-surgery patients


  • I felt AMAZING after this treatment! The magnesium wrap in the infrared sauna & wooden tools used during my massage was something that I had never experienced before at any other spa and I loved it

  • I had more energy & felt so refreshed even after a long day of work. I would highly recommend this treatment if you’re in the Chicago area!

Below is a recap of my visit at Freeze & Float. You can view it below or on my Instagram here.


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