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engagement photoshoot: outfit + glam + inspo details

This post is long overdue, but I wanted to share the behind-the-scenes process of how I put together my engagement photoshoot mood board. Being the planner that I am, I started a few months in advance -- from looking for the right outfits (this part took the longest by far), to poses / shot list inspo, + glam! If you have a specific "look" you are trying to achieve for your photos, I definitely recommend starting well in advance!

We are so happy with our wonderful photographer, Eldina, who we had the best time shooting with a few months ago. Below, I get into all of the details from location, to outfits, glam, + more! Here are some of my favorite photos from our shoot:

Location / Vision:

Since we are getting married in Michigan, we definitely wanted to do a photoshoot there instead of in Chicago (our proposal photos had the Chicago skyline).

I did a quick google search of "michigan engagement photos" and the silver lake sand dunes is something that kept popping up! These photos seriously looked like they were shot in Dubai. I then headed to pinterest + started looking for "sand dune engagement photos" and fell in love!

After talking with our photographer, we decided to do a golden hour shoot, which sounded so dreamy (+ it was, after the out-of-pocket thunderstorm passed LOL). The vibe we wanted to go for was beach-y, sunset, barefoot, flow-y, soft, + romantic.

here were some of the pins I loved:

Outfits: After tons of returns from Revolve, ASOS, Banana Republic, + more... I finally found the perfect outfits! I wanted a causal barefoot jean look, a flowy beachy dress, + ideally a earth-toned color dress, but I didn't end up finding one I liked.


I wanted beach-y, textured curls with a glow-y bronzed glam. Kayla, from Anomalie Beauty Agency (use code LIZ10 for 10% any glam services or bridal packages), did an amazing job! This was my inspo:

A few more of our favorites...

DM me on Instagram @lizwaslike if you have any questions about prepping for your engagement shoot! I hope this helps :)

xo, liz


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