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beauty service timeline for event prep

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

If you’re prepping for a wedding, event, or trip, save this post for the order in which you need to make your beauty appointments📌

I wanted to note that I don't get all of the below services before every event. Some services are only quarterly - annually (like filler, botox, etc), so I denoted those with an "*". But some, like nails, lashes, + spray tans are pretty much a non-negotiable for me when prepping for any big event!

1. *filler

  • if you're trying out filler for the first time, I would recommend talking to an injector at least 6 months to 1 year out to achieve optimal results + have time to tweak if necessary.

  • if you regularly get filler, you'll want to make an appointment at least 2-4 weeks before an event, but I like to prep in advance just in case

    • ie: you may need to have your filler dissolved which requires you to wait for 2 additional weeks before getting them re-filled

  • I like having the time to put together a plan with my injector for my wedding filler, which is a bit different than what my normal lip filler appointments look like (ie: adding in different spots, the amount, look, etc.)

2. *botox

  • if you regularly get injectables, you should make an appt around 2-3 weeks before your event for it to set in.

  • If you’re new to tox, I would recommend seeing an injector at least 6 months out to determine your needs + try one cycle before the big day!

3. brows - lamination / wax / tint

  • I would recommend doing your brows a few days - 1 week before your event, depending on the other services you plan to get

    • ie: brows should be done before any facials or spray tans

      • brow lamination requires that you cannot get your brows wet AT ALL for 24 hours

4. *dermaplane + hydrafacial (or any facial)

  • according to aestheticians, 5-7 days before an event is the perfect time to get a dermaplane + hydrafacial

  • this is my top rec for brides + anyone getting their makeup done before an event!!! makeup artists have said that they love when clients get a dermaplane + hydrafacial because it really makes a difference!

  • Your skin will be so glowy and your makeup will apply so smooth

5. *body waxing

  • If you're doing any kind of body waxing (brazilian, underarms, etc.) you'll want to make sure that it is the week of your event + at least 24-48 hours before your spray tan

6. lash extensions / lash lift + tint

  • If you plan to get a lash life / tint or lash extensions, this timing doesn't really matter (personally I like to go a few days before an event so they're fresh) but as long as it is before your spray tan

7. manicure / pedicure

  • I recommend a mani / pedi 2-3 days before your event, and most importantly, BEFORE your spray tan (ideally 24 hours before a spray tan if you can)

  • if you're getting a pedicure followed by a spray tan after, you'll want to make sure that the lotion is completely off before you get your tan

    • booking pedicures & then going to a spray tan is totally doable and I've done it before, but if you can space out these services a day apart, that will give you the best experience!

8. spray tan

  • this should be about 1-2 days before event + the last beauty service you get!

  • I prefer 2 days out (Thursday night for a Saturday event)

I hope this timeline helps you prep for all of your events this spring + summer! stay tuned for more beauty + bridal tips on my Instagram @lizwaslike :)

xo, liz


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