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28 things i've learned by 28

today, 3.27.23 is my 28th birthday!

last year on my 27th birthday, I posted "27 things I've learned by 27" & it was so fun to reflect on the year & growth that I've had. I decided to bring this back for my 28th birthday, & now in blog form too!

in no particular order, here are 28 things i've learned by 28:

1. your #1 job in the world is to take care of yourself

2. if you are the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room

3. get comfortable with being uncomfortable

4. be your own advocate in all aspects of your life, especially your health

5. drink A LOT of water

6. prioritize the people in your life who are important to your happiness, well-being, & growth. don't stress about those who no longer serve you.

7. invest in rest

8. the most important conversations you'll ever have are the ones you'll have with yourself

9. introspection & a strong sense of self help us to navigate

10. healthy sleep habits are important to overall health (still working on this)

11. change your perspective & it will change your life

12. you are the average of the 5 people who you spend the most time with

13. when we are more self-aware, we are better at understanding ourselves. with understanding comes recognizing areas of improvement, strengths, etc.

14. we were born with 2 ears & 1 mouth for a reason ;)

15. embrace change. while it can be incredibly hard, it is so important for growth.

16. don't sweat the small stuff

17. if making yourself a priority means being high maintenance, then that's exactly what I am!

18. stretch every single day

19. find joy in the simple things & life will always be fulfilling

20. family is everything. be grateful for strong family relationships & don't take them for granted. continue growing & strengthening those connections with immediate family, relatives, in-laws, etc.

21. couples therapy / pre-marital counseling is an amazing way to prioritize your relationship & work on being the best possible partner to your s/o

22. there is no timeline that you are supposed to be on -- do everything at your own pace

23. the energy you give is the energy you attract

24. no one is you & that is your power

25. the greatest kindness is acceptance

26. stop having expectations of others

27. I'll never stop saying this...therapy will change your life in the best way possible

28. you can't pour from an empty glass

...& with that, I'm ready to take on year 28! here's to another year of self-care, growth, & becoming the best version of myself!




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